Saturday, January 25, 2003

Sitting here in Denver in Paris on the Platte, catching up with some email and drinking the o-so-civilised pitcher of Espresso they do here. It's another beautiful day---wonderfully mild, with bright sunshine---in a very un-January way. Have been very busy at work this week having Ubiquity training. In a way it's quite refreshing to have no money and no way of getting any---due to lost wallet---but undeniably it has its fair share of concomitant hassles too. Matt's been giving me an allowance of dollars to get me through the day. Randomly came across this, which apparently wasn't good enough for Rob, but which amused me nonetheless. Chemistry next week beckons...

Sunday, January 19, 2003

All change! So, a new-look for the New Year. Let me know what you reckon; does it work? Does it not work? Having problems with Netscape or a Mac? I'm not convinced myself yet about the orange, but we'll see. I've been fairly busy out here in the States recently... visiting Microsoft in Redmond... seeing downtown Seattle... attending an offsite... losing my wallet... finding it again... Looking forward to coming back to the UK in a week or so: will be going to Chemistry with Mark and Becca, which should be interesting. The singles life continues; watch this space!