Thursday, June 12, 2003

Perhaps I'm overcompensating for weeks of website neglect, but here I still am. In the UK at the moment doing final packing and cleaning of the flat before the very final goodbye to London. Am truly hating it (packing and cleaning; not London). Yuck. Here's another US-UK anthropological observation. A few months ago, I was telling this American woman that I'd been going out with Natalie for seven years. She was agog: "That just doesn't happen here". "So what does happen?". "Well, after two years you'll sit down and decide if you're going to get married or not. If you are, you do it; if not, you split up". Blimey.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Dave says "your website has a kind of Marie Celeste feel to it", and he's right. I've not been on the blogger case so much recently. But there's some new stuff to see: some photos I took in LoDo and some more from Denver botanical gardens. I also went to James' and Kate's wedding the other week, and took some pictures there too. I'd never been to the South Downs before, and it was lovely: super-lush rolling countryside. Quite a change from the semi-desert of Colorado. There's stuff I'm learning about the States too. I discovered the other day that cucumbers are different: kind of darker, smaller, waxier, and usually served peeled. Normal cucumbers [sic] are sold as "English cucumbers", reassuringly complete with shrink-wrap (and erroneously described by Wendy as "gross"). I found this, which explains the difference. I liked the title "Cucumbers Explained".