Sunday, March 30, 2003

Lordy; what a week. Moved into my new apartment on Thursday and have been shopping wildly ever since. It's amazing how much stuff you need to make a completely empty place habitable. Was so tired yesterday that I accidentally fell asleep in my "pimpalicious" lovesac (don't laugh). And gradually I'm beginning to exist out here; not only do I now have an address but I also have a bank account, Social Security number (finally!), even dollars. Felt like I'd truly landed when on Friday I drove through Denver in my ridiculously large SUV with a fuck-off-enormous TV in the back. Even treated myself to a new stereo. There's just no stopping me now. Not looking forward to packing up the London flat; feel free to volunteer to help...

Saturday, March 15, 2003

So this weekend sees the beginning of flat-hunting out in Denver; there's kind of a lot of lofts to go and see. But for now I simply bask in tonight's Siedler victory... End of yet another busy week at work, mixing SIP Servlets with Leapstone meetings with brainstorming new product ideas. Today was another gorgeous sunny treat---72 degrees and counting; how can I not move out here? We'll see what the realtors come up with.

Saturday, March 08, 2003

Woo hoo---got my hair done today; very exciting! It has highlights and everything, though you can't quite make them out in the photos I've just uploaded. Ali G on HBO was great last night; a fantastic return to form. Funny that they provide a glossary for the American market... "me: my"; "not in da house: missing"; "innit: isn't it, that's right, that's correct" and so on. Enjoyed "The Economists"; a bit of genius.

Friday, March 07, 2003

Back out in Denver again, enjoying Coloradan sunshine. Rob's been jolly flattering about my new photos, as have a few others, though they haven't yet seen the self portrait. Discovered a great clothes shop in LoDo, where I accidentally spent too much money the other day. Apart from that not much is new; still SIP Servlets at work, gym in spare time, Matt and Mary playing perfect hosts. Enjoyed this fascinating article about pricing. Did you know that Coca-Cola tested "a vending machine that could sense the outside temperature and 'automatically raise prices for its drinks in hot weather'"?