Saturday, June 18, 2011

Catching Up

It's been so long since I last posted I figured a catch-up was in order. I think I have the Instagrams to tell the story since last time.

So obviously the bean's doing great:

We bought a new house:
empty house is empty
and filled it with boxes:
My commute goes over Bernal Hill now:
bernal commute #1
which looks lovely in the evening too:
On June 1st we launched the new Twitter Search:
twitter search+photos launch room
and celebrated with drinks that evening
cheers to the launch of the new twitter #search
and dinner the next week

After the launch I needed some time off, so took a week's staycation beginning with a walk over Bernal (Friday)

evening in bernal
and then a trip to Ikea (Saturday)
Jag, Robot
a walk in the Mission (Sunday)
a trip downtown (Monday)
a picnic in the park (Tuesday)
#staycation picnic with @thebeean
a trip to the wine country (Thursday)
yay!#staycation wine tasting
and then, on Friday 17th June, my 38th birthday, a birthday card made of elephant poo:
.@wendyverse sure picked a special birthday card
dinner at a favorite restaurant
a trip to the animal shelter
feral cat entrance
and adoption of Chaucer the cat:
Chaucer the cat

Today was @thebeean's 322nd day:

day 322
and she met Chaucer:

And now you're caught up.