Friday, April 11, 2003

Back in London for a couple of weeks to pack up the house and finish up at the hospital. Can't believe that it's just been the warmest March on record here and I missed it all. And even though I got to see Denver's worst snow-storm in 90 years instead, now I'm back it's 70 degrees in Denver and freezing here. Ho hum. Rob sent me this yesterday, which I thought amusing. Plus, did I show you this, also good?


Daisy Jacob said...

yes this year the march is really hot here and the climate is changing so rapidly and the snow fall is also at extreme these are all so thinkable as geologist.
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GWS Online said...

yeah,in 2003,the month of March was extremely hot and the snow storm in this year was the worst one.These extreme seasons created a lot of problems in people's life.