Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Dave says "your website has a kind of Marie Celeste feel to it", and he's right. I've not been on the blogger case so much recently. But there's some new stuff to see: some photos I took in LoDo and some more from Denver botanical gardens. I also went to James' and Kate's wedding the other week, and took some pictures there too. I'd never been to the South Downs before, and it was lovely: super-lush rolling countryside. Quite a change from the semi-desert of Colorado. There's stuff I'm learning about the States too. I discovered the other day that cucumbers are different: kind of darker, smaller, waxier, and usually served peeled. Normal cucumbers [sic] are sold as "English cucumbers", reassuringly complete with shrink-wrap (and erroneously described by Wendy as "gross"). I found this, which explains the difference. I liked the title "Cucumbers Explained".

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