Friday, January 16, 2004

So a couple of weeks ago it went kind of like this:
  • Mon evening; have dinner and a persistent stomach ache. Go to bed thinking it'll go away.
  • Tue 8am; wake up with the same stomach ache, but go to work anyway
  • Tue 9.30am; throw up at work. Decide to come home
  • Tue 10.30am; lying down at home. Ache getting worse
  • Tue 11am; make an appointment with my GP for 2.30pm
  • Tue 12pm; pain is severe. I wonder if I can make it until 2.30pm
  • Tue 3pm; leave GP having been diagnosed with appendicitis
  • Tue 4pm; arrive at hospital Emergency Room
  • Tue 4.10pm; booked in for a CT scan
  • Tue 4.30pm; drink three cups of "contrast". Have intravenous painkiller
  • Tue 5.30pm; more painkillers
  • Tue 6.30pm; more painkillers
  • Tue 7.30pm; have CT scan
  • Tue 8pm; scan confirms appendicitis. Looks like it's perforated
  • Tue 9pm; lying on a trolley outside the Operating Room. Meet the anaesthetist
  • Tue 9.30pm; wheeled into OR. Put to sleep
  • Tue 11.30pm; wake up in the recovery room. Did I dream that the surgeon and anaesthetist came by to say hello? Eat a cup of ice chips
  • Wed 12.15am; arrive on the ward. A devoted Wendy is waiting for me
  • Wed 1am; woken up for temperature and BP check
  • Wed 1.30am; woken up for temperature and BP check
  • Wed 2am; woken up for temperature and BP check
  • ...
  • Wed 7am; woken up for temperature and BP check
  • Wed 7.30am; woken up for temperature and BP check
  • Wed 8am; wake up properly; very painful
  • Wed 9.30am; Wendy arrives back, bless. Still very painful
  • Wed 10.30am; Morphine. Mmmmmmmorphine. Mmmmmmmmm
  • Wed 12pm; Mmmmmmmmm
  • Wed 3pm; surgeon comes by to say hi. Discharges me
  • Wed 4pm; leave the ward with flowers and a painkiller prescription
  • Wed 5pm; back at home and helped onto the LoveSac by nurse Wendy
I had one of these.

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