Sunday, January 11, 2009


For Christmas, Wendy bought me an original late-60s copy of Grimble. I read Grimble and Grimble at Christmas as a kid and I've been loving reacquainting myself with the stories.

The station was at the end of the street and Mr Wheeler was in charge of it. There were two little shops on the station, one of them selling newspapers, and the other things to eat — like old sausage rolls and sandwiches that were wrapped in bits of paper as if no one expected anyone to unwrap them. There was also a machine with a sign on it saying Platform tickets 2d. and the 2d. had been crossed out and 3d. put in its place.

Grimble wondered why it was now more expensive to stand on a platform, which is all you are allowed to do with a platform ticket, and Mr Wheeler had explained that it was probably because you now had to wait longer for trains.

I went on a walk yesterday with Wendy and Ros. Took these shots:

Noe Valley

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