Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Google Replay

Sad but true: in 3½ years at Google I never compiled a protocol buffer. I also never contributed directly to the launch of a consumer product on Making up for lost time at Twitter, though, in my first few weeks there I've done both.

Enter Google Replay.

Search for Bieber on Google Replay and it'll show you a chart of the volume of Justin Bieber tweets this month. If you wonder what the spike is on April 10th, you can drill down by clicking on the timeline, and then again, to individual tweets about the JB sketch on SNL. Pretty cool! See also: results for Chirp, the Twitter developer conference.

Puzzler: below is a chart showing tweet volume (from Google Replay) for a two-word search term over the last few months. Notice the pattern of weekends (green) and the anomaly (red). Name the search term.

Screen shot 2010-04-28 at 11.29.11 PM.png


Anonymous said...

Cool. I love puzzles.

It has to be something related to going out, drinks etc (since it's tied to weekends). The 18th March when the anomaly peak arrives is the day after St Patrick's Day when lots of drinking takes place. So is it "hangover cure"?

Isaac said...

Heh, great guess. It's "hung over".

Anonymous said...

That was fun:) Thanks for sharing.