Monday, July 05, 2010

Meeting The Bean

We're nominally due to meet The Bean on Saturday July 31st. However, it's drastically more likely that we'll first meet The Bean on some other day than on that one. Some selected statistics:

  • about 5% of births occur on the exact 40-week due date
  • about 70% occur after
  • about 25% occur before
  • a full 20% don't even occur within 2 weeks of the 40-week due date

All in all, we're probably more likely to meet The Bean on Wendy's pick of dates (August 3rd) than on mine (July 26th). I figure, though, if you don't bet against the odds when your instincts tell you then you'll never win big.

The Bean's Room, unlike the #hippiehomebirth schedule, is progressing in a highly organized and predictable fashion. Two weeks ago we did stroller drill:

and last week we put up the crib:
and then today we installed the sheets and the changing table:

I changed the pictures on the walls, too. It used to be a couple of my moody Bernal favorites:

Man on Hill

Now it's two more colorful Bernal favorites of mine:

Powhattan & Nevada
Bernal Saxophonists

The Bean will be called either Lux or Harrison, depending on which name best suits.

I cannot wait to meet it.

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Sue Hepworth said...

I think my American grandchild will arrive on August 4th. I only wish I didn't have to wait to meet him (another prediction) until