Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hawaii Day 3

every other US state has a higher record high temperature than Hawaii. every other US state also has a lower record low #hawaiifactsless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

The third morning in Hawaii we were checking out of our apartment and moving down the road into a hotel. We started with a little breakfast

Day 222
and after a dip in the pool decided to drive around the west coast of Maui to see what's up. The drive was spectacular (not to overly foreshadow a later post, but I'd say better than the Hana Highway)
West Coast
although rather alarming at times. For many miles the road was as wide as just a single car, and it clung improbably to the side of precipitous cliffs. You can get used to that easily enough—but meeting a car coming in the opposite direction, and having to reverse a few hundred yards down the curvy lane, added a whole new dimension of adventure. Tiny villages like Kahakuloa were dotted along the way, and we even found cattle in the hills.
Cows and Cross

We finished the day with a dip in the pool at our new hotel, and (for Lux at least) a chunk of pineapple at the bar:

Eating Pineapple

There are a few more photos of the day on Flickr.

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Jassica Oliver said...

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