Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

A brief interlude to isaach.com regular programming: I thought I'd blog a few pictures from a Christmas Day in San Francisco. I already put a bunch from earlier in the season on Flickr, as well as a set from Christmas Eve, but here are some from December 25 itself.

Probably for the last Christmas in a while, we got up late in the morning: Lux slept an incredible 15 hours and didn't wake up until 10.30am. By that time I'd already had a lie-in and a good chat with my mom at home in the UK—both generous presents themselves, and altogether a lovely start to the day. When Lux did wake we had a family breakfast

Blueberries for breakfast
and opened some presents.

It was a beautiful day, clear and bright and dry, so we headed up Bernal Hill for a walk. I feel very lucky to live in this climate, on this hill, in this place

Bernal Christmas
with my favorite people
Bean and rocks

Seriously. The most precious companions (and one more family member on the way) as well as this view ten minutes' walk from your house on Christmas Day?

San Francisco on Christmas
Truly I'm blessed.


kelly close said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you for the inspiration and the photographs.

Matt said...

Lovely shots. I need some shooting tips (particularly handling multi-point AF) when I see you next.