Saturday, February 18, 2012

Twitter Hacks

My new business cards arrived the other day:

new business cards have arrived
It reminded me to share some interesting bits and bobs related to work. The below isn't my full-time job by any means, but it's fun that I have on the way.

The hobby project I invested most time on in the last year was the Twitter mention constellations. I learned a huge amount on the way; I realized how much goes into taking a hack which works on one's own machine to one which works for others; and I'm excited that a 4-foot-square mounted version of my work is on the wall at Twitter HQ.

More recently this was one of mine:

Breaking news in Twitter
Sad times, no doubt, but it's nonetheless fascinating to see the data behind such phenomena. I was very impressed by SocialFlow's detailed work on the topic too.

More whimsically, I also shared this one recently

Length Distribution of Popular Tweets
in case you were wondering how long you should make your tweets for maximum engagement.

I also did

MTV versus Earthquake
which (see detail on Flickr) shows the spread on Twitter of an on-air hashtag versus news of a seismic event.

One of my favorites is still this:

Rick Perry's Oops
for which the context can be found on YouTube.

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TJessi said...

Isaac, already noted the cards as one of the cooler ones out there. :) The constellation work fascinating. The Whitney one an example of Twitter's remarkable hold on the Live. If newspapers are dying will also destination news sites like CNN?