Friday, March 01, 2013

Stealth Fanout on Twitter

Sure, on Twitter you can use the ".@" convention to start a Tweet with a username but still have it delivered to all your followers. Like this:

Turns out, though, that instead of a "." you can use a zero-width space. It has the same effect—your Tweet is delivered to all of your followers—but the leading character is by its nature invisible:

A side effect which you may or may not enjoy is people's surprise:


mike coulter said...

Isaac, great tip Isaac, thank you.

Quick question/clarification please,do I just hit the spacebar on the keyboard to insert the ZWS? (I use a Mac & Chrome if that's is relevant.)


Isaac Hepworth said...

hey mike, i just posted some details at

Mike Owcarz said...

What was it about Jobvite that made you angry that day?