Saturday, December 20, 2008

Amenity Home Suckage

So heads-up, people. Beware Amenity Home, who don't replace faulty products.

Short story: bought an Amenity duvet cover. Got it home, washed it, and found a small hole in it when spreading it out after washing. Sent it back to Amenity, who say that their policy is not to replace items which have been washed.


This thing cost $380 including tax. Pardon me for thinking that for such a price one might expect better than this. Amenity FAIL.

I took this one way back in February 2000. The artist's impression turned out pretty well, but failed to anticipate the Gherkin:

Tate Gallery of Modern Art

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Sue Hepworth said...

I'm surprised you give a link to AMENITY when they are so b***** useless. Cut it out!