Monday, March 08, 2010

Austin Wedding

A couple of weekends ago Wendy and I flew to Austin to see April and Brad get married. I've posted a set of the wedding on Flickr as well as one of some of Austin we saw.

I'd never been to Austin before but liked the feel of the place. I used to live in Colorado, and Austin had the air of a cross between downtown Boulder and Denver's LoDo. College town, hip crowd, sprawling frontier settlement, ancient creek, huge skies, wide concrete roads, prairie homes, converted brick warehouses, blue city in a red state.

Look at that big sky, clear as can be:

Wendy enjoying a chopped beef sandwich, authentic Texas BBQ style:
Happy Wendy
A rural suburban front yard, 2 miles from the Texas Capitol Building:
Front Yard Tree

From the wedding, a few favorites are this one of the bride and groom:

Brad and April 31
and this one of the gorgeous occasion:
Brad and April 17

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