Monday, September 13, 2010

Divine Feedback

Before publishing my updated résumé, of course I ran it past the Inner Circle for review. My best friends always have useful things to say.

One of the first comments I got was about my line "Now the lead of four Partner PMs defining Twitter's product partner strategy, divining and prioritizing product needs in key verticals":

I think you meant to type "defining" rather than "divining"
which made me wonder. I'd intended divine in the sense of "discover by guesswork or intuition; have supernatural or magical insight into". I suppose it was deliberately a bit fanciful but I didn't think it unclear or religiously suggestive until my reviewer gave me pause.

The next day I got a bunch of feedback from another friend, including

I like your use of divining a lot
and on balance I decided to go with the line as written. Shortly after that I wrote my Anniversaries post.

The next morning I woke to an IM from yet another friend wondering if I'd mistyped "defining". And also a blog post by my mom wondering what a "key vertical" is.


Here's a photo from the weekend:


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salgar said...

What _is_ a key vertical? :)
Congratulations on the six month-versary!