Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Passport Photo

We're taking Lux to meet the English side of the family next month so we had to get her a passport. Filling in the forms was actually easy enough (and Wendy wrote "Occupation: BABY", which I found charming) but the photo was a challenge.

It's harder than it sounds. No smiling, no funny faces, no hands or limbs of anyone else, eyes open, facing forward, a white background. And this photo is in a passport valid for five years! We laid Lux down on the white bed, stretched the sheet out, and I took her photo. I thought the result looked fine:

Passport Photo
but the Post Office said the background was too dark.

We came home, put some white cardboard down, and took another picture. This time it passed muster, but the photo's not worth posting here. We're yet to apply for the UK passport; perhaps the original photo will work for the Brits.

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Sue Hepworth said...

I think they might say she is not looking directly at the camera. Whatever! It is a heart stopping photo.