Monday, December 20, 2010

The 30-Minute Product Manager

At work I was asked by a colleague for reading recommendations for a Product Manager. Below is my half-hour answer; I expect that with more time I could do better. Think of the below as high in precision but low in recall.

Books: I'm a big fan of Alan Cooper (I did his Interaction Design Practicum years back) and really like About Face as well as the more recent The Inmates Are Running The Asylum. Slightly more quirky but also with highly relevant insights for product managers (in my opinion) is The Systems Bible.

Some PM-related articles I've enjoyed:

Valuable blogs for PMs:

Feel free to leave additional suggestions in the comments; I'll post a follow-up summarizing them if there's critical mass.


jimray said...

Michael 'Rands' Lopp is another great source of geek and management advice. When I made the move from full time coder to people/project managing, his Managing Humans was a great first read.

salgar said...

I resolved at one point to read Ben Horowitz's
"Good Product Manager, Bad Product Manager" once a week to re-orient myself.
Never did it, but its a great regular, reminder of what the job should be and shouldn't be. :)

Unknown said...

thanks for including my blog in your list. I've also found quora's product management discussions to be pretty interesting and diverse.