Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One thing I find rewarding

I've been realizing this recently:

It's honestly a privilege.

My first job after my post-grad was in 1996, writing software for use by pharmaceutical companies doing animal testing. I joined an investment bank in London a year later—one of the few people, I suspect, actually to move to higher moral ground in joining the financial sector. Since then I've worked at a tiny London startup, an enormous US telco, a small specialized software product company, Google, and now Twitter.

At every single place along the way I've met great people. There are folks I'm still in touch with, and happily so, from all of these places. I love learning things and I've learned a ton. I enjoy challenges and I've faced them everywhere I've worked, without exception.

Out of the set, though, only Twitter is all about a product I really love and it makes the hugest difference. It's a lot to compete with.

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