Friday, June 15, 2012

New Arrival

Unlike last time, this one was really pretty sudden.

Wendy had been having contractions for most of the evening but it didn't seem like anything was imminent. I even tweeted:

That was at 10.04pm.

At 11.15pm when we were going to bed, Wendy said she thought that she might actually be going into labor. I called ahead to the hospital, we asked our friend Matt to come over to watch Lux for the night, and we drove to the delivery ward. From this photo it looks like we were settled into our room about 40 minutes later:

um, hi

Pretty much straight away the hospital staff confirmed that they were going to do a c-section and get our baby out. They paged the relevant people and started preparing, and by about 2am we were going into the operating room:

current status

Boy, don't things go quickly from there! At about half past two we met our new family member:

and here she is, ten hours old:

Lux met her the very next day. She was, and is, transfixed:

@thebeean meets @thesprouut
as well as so very gentle:
@thebeean meets @thesprouut

Wendy and the baby both made amazing recoveries and were discharged from hospital two days ahead of schedule. Born 2.33am PDT on 12 June 2012, weighing 7½lbs, we're thrilled to welcome Cecilia Hepworth to the world and to our home.

See a few more photos here.

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Biztag said...

Congratulations! Very Special!