Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Moving to Boulder, day 9

15 July 2014: early start in Glenwood Springs; Wendy and I had decided that the best strategy to conclude our journey to Boulder was to carry sleeping kids to the car at the crack of dawn and get going—maybe breakfast in Vail as we traveled down from the mountains.

And so it was, at maybe 6.30am in the hotel parking lot, sleepy and not concentrating, on the very last day of our trip, I lifted the U-Haul trailer to hitch it to the car… and completely fucked my back up.

Onward, though. I cranked the heated car seat to maximum, sweet relief!, and all other parts of the plan went great: calm kids, no traffic, easy trip down to Boulder. We arrived about lunchtime, and here's the overgrown garden:

The garden which greeted us
Here's Wendy outside the new place:
Arrival at the new house
Here's Lux, still in her PJs, enjoying the garden:
Arrival at the new house
Here's Cecilia, also in pajamas, clutching a find from the playhouse:
Arrival at the new house
and here's everyone munching raspberries from the bush in the back yard
Arrival at the new house

We had lunch, and I went to work at @TwitterBoulder—for the first time as a Colorado resident.

A month on my back is still a mess, but it's great here.

Arrival at the new house

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