Thursday, August 18, 2011

DIY @mention constellations, Part I

People really enjoyed the mention constellation thing. I'm chuffed that on Twitter I've received Tweets about it from five continents, and the thing's been written about by friends and strangers alike. People at work liked it too, which means a lot to me.

A couple of questions I got stood out: (a) can I get the data?; and (b) can I get the code?

The answer to both is yes!

I'm going to do two things. First of all I'm going to post a complete, free, end-to-end solution for generating something like this:

Basic Mention Graph
Secondly, I'm going to explain how the code works.

First of all, though, you need to install Graphviz. It's straightforward, especially on a Mac. Go!

Next: Part II

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