Friday, August 08, 2014

Moving to Boulder, day 5

11 July 2014: we wake up in Elko, NV, with a target of Mapleton, UT. That's 280 miles, with 42 of them in a perfectly straight line. The kids both love swimming right now, and the hotel in Elko has a pool, so the first thing we do after a hotel breakfast is splash about for an hour or so.

After that it's on the road, and more of the same:

Nevada plains
and then
Utah salt flats
and then
Utah desert

After miles and miles of this we decide to stop at a park in Salt Lake City on our way through—to let the kids run around and let off some steam. Liberty Park turned out to be perfect for this, and we ended up staying a couple of hours enjoying the late sunshine:

Arrived in Salt Lake City
At Wendy's request we then drove just a few blocks to the Old Spaghetti Factory, a staple of family road trips from her own childhood.

With our dawdling—and a critical closed road on the way to Mapleton—we ended up not arriving at our Airbnb until 11pm. We also didn't yet fully appreciate what being in suburban Utah meant.

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