Sunday, August 10, 2014

Moving to Boulder, day 7

13 July 2014: we woke up in Moab and it was hot. And not just "gosh isn't it warm outside" hot, but "oh look parts of the car are shutting down" hot:

Well played Moab
We figured we'd splash in the pool for the morning, grab some lunch and then get out (here's Lux at lunch having arranged the sugar packets just perfectly):
Perfect arrangement

Our next stop was Glenwood Springs, but we had a brief pause for dessert in Grand Junction. Wendy with the ice cream sandwich:

Dessert break in Grand Junction
Lux with a popsicle:
Dessert break in Grand Junction
and Cecilia too:
Dessert break in Grand Junction

It's a spectacular drive into Colorado, and my phone doesn't do it justice… but it's all I have:

Coming in to Glenwood Springs

We arrive in Glenwood Springs and checked into our hotel. Cecilia found God in the top drawer

Cecilia discovers The Word
and we all went swimming.

Tomorrow would be the last full day of our road trip.

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