Saturday, August 09, 2014

Moving to Boulder, day 6

12 July 2014: we woke up in an Airbnb in Mapleton, UT. This seemingly unassuming place, under $150 for the night, turned out to be our most lavish accommodation of the entire journey. You read "basement apartment" and you don't necessarily think of a lush 3,000sqft palace underneath a 10,000sqft house, with a 70" plasma TV and a fitness room. And yet here we were.

It was also filled with kids stuff, and had a trampoline on the ample grounds, so we figured we'd stick around for a while in the morning. Let's make a pot of coff… oh, wait.


Nothing in the cupboards, and even driving around the area we couldn't find anywhere which sold coffee. Wendy and I looked at each other, held hands, and tried not to panic. We left around lunchtime.

By late afternoon we were in Moab, UT. Our hotel had a pool, so we did some more splashing when we arrived; it's seriously *amazing* what endless joy and fascination the kids find in water. In the evening we went to a cliff-top place to watch the sunset. It did not disappoint.

Sunset in Moab

Tomorrow we'd cross the border into Colorado.

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