Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Moving to Boulder, day 8

14 July 2014: we woke up in Glenwood Springs, CO, voted in 2011 the "Most Fun Town in America" by Rand McNally and USA Today. It's perfectly nice but in my limited experience I'd say that designation probably goes too far. Our hotel was also overrated; "Feel The Wonder" says its homepage, whereas all we really felt was cramped in a tiny room and frustrated with elevators which didn't work properly.

Onwards nonetheless. We headed out for breakfast and to buy hats and sunglasses for the kids. Lux's choice:

Buying sunglasses
and Cecilia's:
Buying sunglasses
I got sunglasses too; I lived in San Francisco nine years without feeling the need, but within a day of arriving in Colorado knew I couldn't last without any.

We took the cable car up the mountain; Lux was unsure at first

Unsure about the cable car
but quickly got into the spirit. The view from the top was pretty lovely
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
and the 15° drop in temperature was very welcome.

That night we went out for our final road trip dinner. After a week on the road the kids were clearly on their last legs.

Tired kids

Tomorrow we'd arrive in Boulder.

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